Our 360° analysis creates transparency.

Taking a close look and optimizing systematically rewrites success stories.

Operational excellence & transformation management with our own 360° strategy

Our present and, arguably, our future demand a whole new level of flexibility. Dynamic markets and the impact of unpredictable events require answers that are often not obvious.

You may know companies where everyone works with great dedication. Sales are good and the production runs smooth, but somehow things still don’t work out.

Profits remain below expectations or even below what makes the business worth continuing. Maybe you are running such a business?

The good news: Everything can be changed. But those changes only succeed as long as we know how to deal with them. Transformation processes in global companies require their own competencies and strategies – and in the end, it’s the results that count. The kind of results that we at kindermann CONSULTING achieve – with you and for your company.

A holistic approach to success – what you gain with our 360° strategy

If we take different views and consider all factors, there is no way around success. Our 360° analysis marks the beginning of our collaboration. Always. Because, for all the accuracy down to the details, real diligence means always keeping an eye on the big picture. Because a holistic approach protects you from unpleasant surprises. And because questioning the beaten path often enables completely new opportunities.

Everything we do, every process, should serve the goal of increasing the value of our service or product for our customers. This is how we work at kindermann CONSULTING – and this is also one of the principles of success that we can harness for your company. Which brings us to an important question: Do you know exactly what your customers’ needs are?

It’s not about working faster. It’s about doing what needs to be done efficiently.

Andreas Kindermann, CEO

3 perspectives – 0 blind spots

Market, customers, processes, suppliers, innovations … What separates a company from the desired success can be identified and changed.


With our customer needs analysis, we find out what your customers really want from your company, its products, and services. We also examine your company’s position in the market and in relation to your competitors.


Where can potential for greater efficiency be found? More often than you think it’s not about speed but rather usefulness – in production as well as in administration and logistics.


Is your company dependent on certain suppliers for the procurement of materials? Resolving dependencies can increase the profitability of a business significantly.

The results of our 360° analysis enable us to develop accurate solutions and specific measures. Depending on the need for optimization, we subsequently improve product and marketing strategies, lead internal processes to operational excellence and optimize all details of procurement and the supply chain.

Lean production: Optimization measures

In many companies, production is the basis for economic success. Based on well-established methods implementation of efficiency and profitability can be achieved.

At kindermann CONSULTING, we work primarily with a few hand-picked methods that are aimed at so-called lean manufacturing, or Lean Production. Here is a brief overview.

  • 5S – for standardisation in production, in the broadest sense

  • TPM – for planned accompanying machine maintenance to increase availability

  • Kaizen – for continuous improvement processes that are supported by all employees on an ongoing basis

  • Six Sigma – for stable processes, the method being named after sigma, the statistical standard deviation

Transition is successful as long as we manage and embrace it. We’ll show you what works.