Project management

Pulling the strings requires seeing through the knitting pattern.

Project management – for Greenfield Projects or M&A Transactions

Building a new plant or opening another branch works a little differently across the world – and for some industries in some places it doesn’t work at all. Or particularly well.

Choosing the perfect new location and knowing the next steps is the basis for successful greenfield projects as well as acquisitions.

At kindermann CONSULTING, we have extensive experience in both areas – gained over many years in many different countries on several continents. Setting up a masterplan to identify the most suitable location or acquisition target is one of our core services during this process. However, the best solution can be very different depending on the company’s goal, size, industry, etc.

Understanding the challenges and opportunities in advance… Our expertise makes you as safe as the business world can be.

Andreas Kindermann, CEO

From the selection of the right location to the successful production

When choosing a location for a company or for a new branch, it’s a bit like life in general: The essentials are often not obvious. The good news: With the experience and knowledge gained from many international projects, we at kindermann CONSULTING provide you with everything you need to make fact-based decisions.

Is transport accessibility important for your future location, personnel availability, or maybe both? Does your business benefit from proximity to research facilities? What is available, what are your needs?

Trust us: Together, we’ll find out what matters for your entrepreneurial future – at a new location or as part of a due diligence project including purchase price determination. With our proprietary questionnaires that reliably protect you from surprises.

An excerpt from our consulting topics in this area:

  • Obtaining permits from the authorities
  • Clarification of subsidies
  • Architect selection and support in construction supervision
  • Establishment of local management
  • Equipment set-up
  • Launch support
  • Business evaluation
  • Execution of due diligence
  • Restructuring and integration projects after acquisitions


Similar to almost every endeavour in the world, creating new locations starts with a talk. Shall we?