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Experience is a currency that always retains its value.

Credentials and the expertise from many years

kindermann CONSULTING was founded by Andreas Kindermann, who brings his know-how and the experience of a good two decades to the company – and if you wish, to your company as well. Here is an excerpt from his experience:

Due diligence projects

(Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Mexico, Thailand, China)

Greenfield projects

(Croatia, China, Mexico)

Project experience

Introduction of SAP R3 respectively conversion from R3 to S4

Start-up supervision of the production of large orders in the automotive supply industry incl. PPAP

Process analysis in production and logistics with Kaizen and Sigma workshops

Introduction of supplier evaluation systems
Development and implementation of corporate social responsibility strategies

Introduction of corporate organizations

Wollsdorf success story – to give an example

Wollsdorf is a global leather supplier with a high market share. Leather is increasingly being viewed critically by consumers due to the trend towards vegan products. On the other hand, it is being replaced by cheap imitations by companies that take advantage of the buzzword “vegan” in their labelling. Vegan is seen as modern, trendy, environmentally conscious and innovative. Leather, on the other hand, is seen as an outdated product.

For Wollsdorf, Andreas Kindermann implemented the introduction of two new brands and an image correction for leather and developed a new location and production strategy.

Leather was to be perceived as “clean” and innovative again. The site in Austria was technically rebuilt for this purpose, an NGO was involved, and the positive CO2 balance was proven by certificates.

PR campaigns for leather were started. Together with other companies, Andreas Kindermann founded theOne4Leather campaign with the aim of providing commercial customers and consumers with facts about leather.

The leather product range was broadened and extended to include non-leather products, such as oil-based and plant-based surface materials.

This successfully modernized Wollsdorf’s profile as a leather manufacturer and created resilience in relation to market trends towards veganism.

After analysing the location situation (at the beginning there were three locations in Austria, none outside the country’s borders, while the customers, however, are located all across Europe, Asia and the USA), the first step was to close a plant in Austria and relocate it to an existing plant, and to plan and open a new plant in China. This has reduced the dependence on transport companies and exchange rates that existed before. Transport and customs costs were reduced in a targeted manner.

A new plant was then opened in Croatia for European customers. It is supplied from Austria and located halfway to the largest customers in Europe, in Romania. Here, too, a reduction in transport costs and manufacturing costs was achieved.

Subsequently, the logistics centre was relocated to the USA and a new production site was established in Mexico. The result is an elimination of the exchange rate risk, and a massive reduction in manufacturing costs and transport times.

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