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Your Vision, Your Way.

How we think is how we work.

kindermann CONSULTING was founded because it was high time. Time for consulting purely in the service of the client, according to our motto Your Vision. Your Way. Time for honest advice, visible facts, and measurable success. Time to replace the usual excess of presentation slides with an unusually strong solution orientation.

Who you are dealing with at kindermann CONSULTING? With a multi-professional team of experts with specialized knowledge from perfectly complementary business sectors. First and foremost, however, you will meet CEO Andreas Kindermann – because at our company, consulting and planning have always remained a top priority to the boss.

Andreas Kindermann – founder and CEO of kindermann CONSULTING

For every company, there is one who has come up with the idea. Who follows a vision. Who creates a piece of the future. At kindermann CONSULTING, that is Andreas Kindermann.

After studying economics at the Vienna University of Technology, Andreas Kindermann led an international group as Vice President Finance over 15 years. Then he spent one and a half decades as CEO of Wolldorf Leder. His three-year presidency of the European leather industry gave him, as a “collateral benefit”, extensive insights into the manufacturing European economy and the politics that steer it.

Andreas Kindermann is a proven expert in international projects and has so far completed such projects in Austria and Germany, Slovakia, Mexico, Thailand, and China.

Learn more about the wealth of experience of Andreas Kindermann in the section Credentials.

If we don’t allow our horizons to end at our city limits, but instead think globally, we learn all about how to reconcile a wide variety of interests and bring teams together by acting locally.

Andreas Kindermann, CEO

Values lived at kindermann Consulting



… because we cannot control each other or every detail of our project completely, and because there are good, measurable reasons to believe in mutual success.



… because we only want to sell what really makes our customers achieve their goals. We are not bored enough to just accumulate hours.



… because appreciation builds stable relationships and because listening has always preceded action.


Solution orientation

… because in the end it’s the results that count, and their durability in the future.



… because there are already enough theoretical world champions and instead of many slides we would rather present tangible successes.



… because we stick around to see if our joint success lasts, if measures are still being implemented a few months later, and if the plan works out in the long term.

There are conversations that grow into particularly fruitful collaborations. Shall we talk?